Objectives and Topics

The ISTET symposium series is devoted to research and education in theory and applications of electromagnetic fields, electrical and electronic circuits, signal processing, and design and control of electromagnetic systems.

Topics of the Symposium

  • Electromagnetic Fields
    • Fundamental aspects of field theory
    • Low and high frequency fields
    • Numerical algorithms
    • Optimization problems
  • Circuit and System Theory
    • Linear and nonlinear circuits
    • System theory
    • Nonlinear aspects of power systems
  • Signal Processing and Identification
    • Advanced methods of signal processing
    • Mixed description of fields/circuits and signals
    • Signal processing algorithms
    • Nonlinear dynamics and signal processing
    • Classical and non-classical aspects in identification
    • Biomedical signal processing
  • Theoretical Concepts
    • Advanced mathematical concepts in networks and fields
    • Nonlinear control systems
    • Mathematical modeling aspects
    • Multivariable large-scale systems
  • Applications
    • Nondestructive testing and evaluation
    • Electromagnetic properties of materials, smart and meta materials
    • Microelectronic circuits
    • Mobile communication aspects
    • Control systems technology
    • Electrical drives and power systems
    • Electromagnetic compatibility
    • Sensors and actuators
  • Innovative Educational Aspects
    • New ideas in teaching fields
    • Multimedia and internet aspects in education
    • Modern information science teaching